Real Beginnings

Recently, I was asked to participate in an author panel at a local library. Me. I could get nervous if I let myself, but what really hits me is: I am an author if I have been invited to be on an author panel!

Since that call, I have been thinking about what I will talk about (and what I will not talk about! Lol!). Like … how did I start writing?

I have journaled for many years, through many spiral notebooks, hardbound sketchbooks (I draw/doodle in them too), and moleskins I keep in my purse.

But I remember well the day I actually wrote my first fiction.

Let me set it up for you.

First: I am an introvert. I recently realized that I qualify for that label. I always thought I was just shy!

Second: I had never written fiction or anything that might become public before. (Should I throw out the journals at a certain point? Someone might read them!)

It was a warm spring day and had begun as any ordinary day. =o)

I took my laptop to the garage and set up a little nest with a drink propped on the running board of our 1930 Model A. The overhead door was open to catch the breeze, but I was literally hiding behind some boxes or something that I don’t quite remember. Yes, really. I didn’t want to be seen. Really.

I opened Word (I use Scrivener now) and just let the story go where it wanted to go. It became my first short story and was later published (after much revision) by Splickety Magazine.

The Old Girl - not in that messy garage back then.

The Old Girl – not in that messy garage back then.

My writing next most days now.

My writing nest, most days, now

When I wrote “end,” I was hooked for writing fiction and that is what I do now.

I no longer hide in the garage. I hide in my house.

But I set up my nest, minus the Model A, just like back then.¬†Back then was 2004, I’m pretty sure.

Now I have six contemporary novels in various levels of being done, from rough, rough draft to almost ready to e-publish. I have around fifty short stories, also in different stages, from a short synopsis to finished and published. I have three children’s books, also.

All trace back to those humble, scary beginnings in that garage.

I’m glad I wrote this down, because it feels good to see how far I’ve come. I thought I’d never finish that first book, but now there are six!

I love hearing about people’s beginnings and where life has taken them. It’s good to remember how far we have come and where we are today.

Leave a comment below about where you started and let us know how far you’ve come—in any aspect of your life: emotions, faith, career, dreams.

Have a creative week!

©2015, Bonnie Lacy

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  1. I never thought of you as an introvert, Bonnie. Your writing collection is extensive and I look forward to reading everything!

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