Scrivener Rocks!

I’m finishing (I hope!) edits on Released.     A Mac writer using Scrivener

Checking the thread of pipes. (Ask my sister or read the book! It comes out soon!)

Changing chapter numbers. I inserted chapter fourteen in between thirty-four and thirty-five. (Or I think it was there.) Then I had to go all through the chapter list to change the chapter numbers. (If anyone out there knows an easier way … )

Praying over a chapter about abortion. I needed to read it again.

Do nursing homes use pagers? I asked my friends and they said they use radios. So I changed all the pagers to radios.

Anyway, I found the neatest little window inside Scrivener. It’s the search window.

I typed in pipe and in the left hand binder came up all the chapters with the word pipe or pipes in it. Even if the actual word in the chapter is pipes, it highlights pipe. So I could click on any chapter in the binder and scroll to where a word “pipe” is highlighted. Then onto the next chapter and the next.

Pretty neat.

Just thought someone out there might want to know that!

I’m not brilliant–Scrivener is! And it’s only 45 bucks!

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