I have always journaled. There is a tote under my bed jammed with spiral notebooks that are full of my scribblings.

Sketchbook Journal

Sketchbook Journal

Now I’ve stepped up from spiral notebooks to this sketchbook/journal. In fact, I need to buy another. Seems like I just bought one!

The reason they fill up so fast these days is because they are used for doodling, plus journaling.

Yeah. I’m becoming who God saw. Doodling.

Journal Doodling

Journal Doodling

Journals became story lines. Those lines grew to short stories, children’s books. And now I have written six novels, three children’s books, over fifty short stories and am working on a screenplay.


So, where do we go from here?

I’ll keep you posted! Glad you’re here.

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Oh. I like cake. No. I love cake. And frosting.


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