I Didn’t Quit!

I love ‘I didn’t quit’ stories.

As my son, Jeremy says, “Keep on pushing.”

When you have a gift, you have to do it. Whether it is drawing motorcycles like my son, or writing books like me, or going to school, or working at a job that you know you are destined to do, it calls you.

It draws you. There is no reasoning or comprehending.

You just have to do it.

You are called.

You are chosen just for that task … or job … No one else can do it but you.

So don’t quit.

Enjoy the Frosting While You Can

ImageI love cake …


I. Love. Cake.

Cake AND frosting!

Ask my sister!

In my devo time the other day, (from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young — thank you, sister!) I read “I will get you safely through this day and all your days. But you can find Me only in the present. Each day is a precious gift from My Father. How ridiculous to grasp for future gifts when today’s is set before you!”

Back to the cake.

When I know a birthday or wedding (anyone’s) is coming up, I dream of the cake. My favorite is white cake with white buttercream frosting. I know, it might sound boring to you chocolate freaks out there, but this is my blog. ;^D

The day arrives, or rather, the cake arrives and I hover, I savor, I ask (politely) what kind it is. I even wait my turn, unless it’s my birthday!

The first bite is wonnnnderful. I lick the fork of all frosting.

Then the second bite: I carefully measure with the fork and cut, hoping to make it last. Mmmmmm. Repeat the licking fork procedure.

You get the picture.

If it’s my birthday, I jealously share the cake with my family. Then rush the rest home.

Each day, I ration it out — to me. I don’t have to share now. Gotta make it last.

But when I get to the last few pieces, the frosting has hardened. The cake dried out. Or worse, become tangy, rancid, sour.

Now back to the devo. Why do I worry about saving the cake? Do I think that my Father in heaven will not provide another birthday? Another cake? Mercy no!

Why am I worried about tomorrow (Matt. 6:34)? For tomorrow has worries of its own.

If I am worrying about tomorrow, I may miss today. Today’s cake. Today’s blessing. Today’s provision. Today’s answers. Today’s miracles.

Today’s Presence.

Ahhh. Another bite, er, moment.