Peanut Butter, Frosting … and Diets

How much peanut butter is okay on this keto diet thing?

Because I use peanut butter like I eat frosting–thick and gooey.

I am just exploring the ketogenic diet world. I like it so far.


Peanut butter.


Now to see if they allow frosting …

Kombucha, Kale Chips, and Editing


Kombucha. A few months ago, I didn’t know what that was. My daughter started brewing her own, so I bought a bottle.


Then I tasted her homemade brew.


I begged for a scoby. Or mother. Or starter. I traded my gallon jars for one precious mother. Boom! I was addicted.

I enjoy everything about it, except when I let it brew too long and it becomes vinegary. I now have my own supply of vinegar for salads, etc. I am doing continuous brew, which is much easier than by the batch.

About the same time, I made my own kale chips. I needed to use up a bag of fresh, so I dehydrated them in the oven. I sprinkled them with olive oil and sea salt and dried them in a 170 degree oven until they were crisp. They are easy to burn, so I checked them every half hour or so.

In between scobies and chips, I am also in the middle of the fourth pass of editing on my fifth novel. It hit me as I brewed sweet tea, then checked the oven, that editing is much the same process as brewing and dehydration.

Hang in there! Let me explain.

When we brew or ferment, bubbles rise up. The sweet tea becomes richer. It effervesces until it’s time to pour off or bottle it up. The resulting drink is refreshing, fizzy, mildly tangy/sweet.

When I edit, I start with a rough draft or starter, and gradually, add more description, flesh out scenes, brew up story lines that add the right flavor to the story line.

I also trim off words used too often, correct spelling, clean up the writing so it reads easily without stopping the flow. Kinda like dehydrating the rough draft until what is left is strong and well, not crunchy, but crisp.

I know I have many more passes to go on this novel and each one will improve until: either I am sick of it — which happens, or I hit send.

Leave a comment if you brew kombucha, dehydrate food or edit. What are your favorite recipes or tips?