The More I Write

The more I write, the faster I write, the better I write.

If I write daily, even a little – like say 500 words – it flows better each time I sit down. Even though there has been a span of time in between writing sessions doing the things of life (You don’t want my list: cooking, dishes, laundry, walking the dog! It looks just like yours!), as I begin writing, the words pour out, leading me on.

Not only do I stay in the story better, I stay in the flow of my writing style. It comes easier. It takes me on the ride. The characters lead me where they want to go. The story develops faster.

It’s more fun!

The flip side is when I don’t write often, the story lags and stumbles. I struggle to get into the character point of view. Plus, if I haven’t written in even a few days, I don’t feel complete or satisfied. I lost part of myself. Part of me didn’t live that day. This sounds crazy, but I didn’t sing in my spirit that day. I didn’t soar …

Somebody reading this understands, right?

Procrastination Is My Nation

Procrastination is my friend today.

It’s my buddy. My excuse.

I will get writing done.

I will.


Maybe it’s the fact that I got out of bed at 5:15 am. It’s past nap time, now.

I’m learning to find my most productive time of day, and it seems to be about 3pm-10pm.

Maybe because I’m scared I won’t have written when I collapse into bed again.

Bad girl.

Maybe I am finally learning what my inner time clock is and I’ve been wrong all along.

Or maybe I’m scared to write.

Production … Or Not

I didn’t produce a thing all day, today.

But yesterday … yesterday.

I wrote a short story in the morning. It was a blast. Writing isn’t always fun, but it can be. And it was.

I made a title page for the WIP (work in progress). Done.

I began a screenplay based on the WIP. Just the log line and synopsis. Surprising how writing in another format opens doors to different threads of the story.

And I haven’t even started the screenplay.