Where Do I Go From Here?

Yeah, it’s February already, but I am still posting this because I want to be more public with my thoughts and goals for 2018.

Goals versus Resolutions

People make resolutions.

And break them within a month.

I don’t put myself through that grief because I know I will go off the diet after a week. Or fall off the wagon of working out (it’s very difficult to take the steps down to my basement to get on that rowing machine!). Word count will stay up for … dang.

But, I do journal my reflections at the end of a year or right away on day one of a new year–reflecting, but looking forward.

Back to 2017

Looking back ~ This time last year, 2017, I watched 52 of my newest publication, Rescued, slide down the shoot to the compacter.


I knew in my gut that it was a good business decision. Disheartening. Almost depressing. But I knew I was doing the right thing. My main beta reader had found a major mistake, therefore I had to do a revision.

You know how it is when you think a project is finished, but you have to go back into it. And that’s what I did.

But something happened when I did that. I pressed into it and pushed myself to dig deeper into the story, the characters and myself. As I did that, the miraculous occurred. I hit what I am calling a writer’s high–like a runner’s high when they push through. Writer’s endorphins! Worth it all.

In 2017, little Isaac Joshua got to live on this earth for six and a half months inside Mommy. Heart wrenching.

In May 2017, we moved into our new home and it is amazing! Our design team–Dearly Beloved and I, and our son–did a good job. Builders did a great job. Some things worked and some didn’t.  The refinished antique doors totally work, especially the ones going into my office. I love my office; it’s a dream come true. Building is all a learning process. But we both say we’d like to try it again because we learned so much. Eeeek!

Our son lives with us here while he gets his business up and going. Some tough times and many fantastic ones.

God is growing in me, teaching me, increasing in me. I am seeking Him more and more. Taking an online course–2018 is my third year with The Nest. It’s been challenging. Powerful.

So, where do we go from here into 2018?

I have a list. Wanna see it? It’s mostly having to do with writing. But it’s a list. I can do lists. Complete the task. Cross it off.

This is part of it. I broke each task into smaller parts. Then, work the plan.

I have a huge calendar–Amy Knapp’s BIG GRID Family Organizer. The oversized boxes for each day are huge. I have room to post my daily word count. Dinner that night. Plus any birthdays and events in between.

And I am posting something in my office and here for accountability: if I don’t make any kind of profit from my writing by the end of 2018, I am getting a job. I won’t quit writing, but I’ll get a job. There. I said it.

That’s not a resolution. That’s a self-challenge. My list includes finishing and publishing four books and everything in between to make that happen–covers, edits, bookmarks. Rough drafts of several novellas. Website stuff. Blog more consistently–like every week!

Hold me accountable.

If anybody is reading this post, please comment with what you would love to have done by the end of 2018. And I’ll keep you accountable.