Update on Rage Rising Emails

Fear Breeds Procrastination

I started posting under Rage Rising – My Walk Through the Dark Tunnel of Anger several months ago. Annnd quit.

I don’t want to do this. Literally. I’ve put it off month after month. People have emailed me back, asking to receive the updates.

I know why. I get it.

No one wants to go back through the old journal entries. Takes a lot of time.

Honesty Breeds Freedom

Uh. No. The real reason is I don’t want to go back to the ickiness of where all the anger began.

Please forgive me.

I’ve never written a book by email before either, so let me know what works and what doesn’t. I also want these emails to spark communication between us. Please, if something stirs your heart, or you have questions or comments, I want to hear from you. I want this to be a back-and-forth conversation, just between us–no one else will have access.

So if you’re reading this and haven’t emailed me that you want to receive Rage Rising, please sign up. I’m still figuring out all the steps for: writing the book, setting up the emails with MailChimp and making the conversations between us secure.

Best Blessings!

Rage Rising

Duck Rag

I can feel it brewing.

It feels like a fist in my gut–twisting and turning–until it needs to explode. And somehow that fist connects to my eyes, because I want to weep. A monster resides in my chest and is pounding its way through to my thinking, my decisions and my mouth. And what comes out of my mouth are words ready to stab anyone within range.

Just being honest.

I’m starting a blog series on anger–my experience with it–that is. Rage Rising may seem like a strong title for a blog post, but rage or anger is a powerful emotion. And not that I want to puke this stuff out here. I want everybody to think I’m this nice lady who writes and doodles. Plays with grandkids. Bakes brownies for people out of the goodness … of my … heart. Not someone who could … no I wouldn’t do that. I can’t even type that. That’s awful.

I will post here every Friday, sometimes Thursday evening, depending on the schedule.

What I am hoping is that I will continue to heal through writing this series. Plus. I hope that you will read and interact with me and together we might open those memories and wounds, and expose them to the Light. And heal.

I’ll go first.

Anger is what fed me back then. I’m sure it had been lurking underneath before, but when my husband had an accident where the other guy was committing suicide and okay with possibly taking Dearly Beloved with him, my mom was dying of lung cancer, a son was addicted to cocaine and my daughter was losing ground to West Nile–all within around two years, I started down that dark tunnel of rage boiling inside.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I promise to keep these posts short and will be consistent with posting once a week. I will always post to Goodreads, my own website, and refer to them in my email newsletters, (you can sign up to receive them on my website, also).

Eventually, I will put these into a book to be published at some point, so people searching for books on anger recovery or anger management can hopefully find the help that they need.

That’s it! See you in the next post.